Steve Harvey’s hilarious response to woman who doesn’t know what her husband’s job is after 20 yrs

Love is blind — and then the cops show up. A woman who was looking for help from talk show and game show host Steve Harvey got […]

Cash Nike
Judge’s response when man offers to pay bail with his Nikes

How this for a kick? A Massachusetts man is free on bail after posting bail with a pair of Nike sneakers he got as a Christmas present. […]

Guillermo Brambila Lopez
Naked burglar helped himself to hot tub and liquor

Police in Oregon arrested a man for partying naked in other peoples homes. The man, identified as Guillermo Brambila Lopez, 24, is accused of breaking into one […]

Kid Rock lets his ‘Republicanism’ all hang out for a liberal rag

Former rapper-turned-rock ‘n’ roll Republican Kid Rock is as reliable as ever. On the verge of releasing his 10th album in February, “First Kiss,” he sat down […]

Kiss cam captures woman fighting with, hitting boyfriend – watch her get carried off

The kiss cam at United Center in Chicago caught two Celtics fans fighting until one was literally carried away. It appeared the woman didn’t like her man being […]

Geraldo scorned for snapping selfie at slain cop’s funeral; at least he kept a shirt on

Geraldo Rivera’s latest selfie is even more shameless than usual. The Fox News Channel contributor’s latest contribution to the national conversation was a selfie he took while […]

Oklahoma could ban hoodies: Are we really giving away our freedom that easily?

One of the biggest fashion trends in America may soon be a crime in yet another state. The Oklahoma state Legislature is set to vote on a […]

Female DC police chief deflates Chuck Todd when her unexpected answer doesn’t fit lib playbook

It wasn’t the answer Chuck Todd was looking for, that’s for sure. The “Meet the Press” host staged a silly segment Sunday featuring the mayor of Washington, […]

Jeff Foxworthy, Alan Jackson targeted by gun-grabbing moms: ‘Mind your business!’

Fans of “you just might be a redneck” comic Jeff Foxworthy and country singer Alan Jackson are rallying around the entertainers under fire from gun control groups […]

McCartney Kanye
‘This Paul McCartney guy gonna be huge!’ Kanye West fans credit him for discovering ‘newcomer’ in new duet

Finding new, talented artists is how the music industry continues to evolve. That’s why so many fans are celebrating Kanye West’s unearthing of a new and exciting […]

Boehner electile dysfunction
Joint letter: Conservative leaders call on House Republicans to fire John Boehner

Yesterday, John Hawkins and Tiffiny Ruegner of Right Wing News joined up with Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation to organize a joint letter to Republicans in […]

Black protesters get mocked for interrupting ‘whitey’ brunches this weekend

At the dawn of the civil rights era, protesters changed the country by staging sit-ins at segregated lunch counters. In New York City and Oakland, Calif., on […]