Sportscaster calls marching bands ‘dorks’; Army band response is awesome!

Is Rome burning? You betcha. Jim Rome, that is.

The CBS sportscaster sent a tweet during the college football playoffs on New Year’s Day that ended up ticking off the entire marching band community.

“Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?” he tweeted.

Jim Rome tweet on marching bands
Photo Credit / deleted Jim Rome tweet

Twitter lit up in immediate response to the arrogant snipe. Marching bands from around the country struck back with the hashtag, #MarchOnRome.

Seeing the snowball rolling, Rome deleted the tweet and attempted damage control, but it didn’t work.

There were many great responses to Rome, but none was more epic than the U.S. Army’s:

But it didn’t stop there. A sampling of other choice responses:

Rome apologized, but not before learning a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with the band.

Despite Rome’s mea culpa, the #marchonrome hashtag is still going strong.


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