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Mia Love, first black, female GOP rep., backs Scalise in speech ‘scandal’; ‘we need to move on’

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One incoming freshman congresswoman didn’t wait until she walked through the doors of the Capitol to show her leadership skills, taking on a touchy subject and hitting it out the park.

U.S. Rep. Mia Love of Utah, the first black Republican woman elected to Congress, said House Majority Whip Steve Scalise should keep his leadership position, despite controversy over a speech he made to a white supremacist conference in 2002.

During an appearance Sunday on ABC’s  “This Week,” Love called the timing of the revelation over the 12-year-old speech “really interesting,” saying she didn’t want to give “awful” groups any publicity by adding fuel to the fire.

Scalise has the support of his colleagues, Love said.

“I believe he should remain in leadership,” she said. “There’s one quality that he has that I think is very important in leadership, and that’s humility. And he’s actually shown that in this case. And he’s apologized, and I think that we need to move on and get the work of the American people done.”

Watch the interview here:

Love told “This Week” that Scalise has the support of his colleagues.


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