When it comes to push-ups, this character is a beast!

Gaston, for all who don’t know, is a character in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Now, Gaston is a strong enough fellow on-screen, but when it comes […]

See how civilians try to deal with military rations

What’s for lunch? A Meal Ready to Eat issued by the United States Armed Forces. Sounds delicious . . . or not. Surprisingly enough, the civilian food […]

Watch a biker scare the hell out of a rock-throwing punk

The biker handled the situation really well, considering he could have been severely injured. Hopefully, that punk won’t be throwing rocks at people again after being scared […]

Mia Love, first black, female GOP rep., backs Scalise in speech ‘scandal’; ‘we need to move on’

One incoming freshman congresswoman didn’t wait until she walked through the doors of the Capitol to show her leadership skills, taking on a touchy subject and hitting […]

Conservative Krauthammer remembers his liberal youth; then he was ‘mugged by reality’

Apparently, there is a cure for liberalism. It’s called reality. Political pundit Charles Krauthammer knows that firsthand. He told Fox News’ “Media Buzz” host Sunday that he […]

QB star Peyton Manning turns into an off-the-field hero for Afghan war vet AND his family

When an Indiana resident wrote a letter to her husband’s favorite sports icon asking for a chance to meet, she had no idea how far the athlete […]

St. Louis Family Dollar stores’ request that customers remove hoodies causes ‘racism’ stir

To some, a simple request to help quell crime is racist. After a recent spate of thefts at St. Louis-area Family Dollar locations, some of the stores […]

100-year-old vet
NO RESPECT: ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ rabble break up awards ceremony for 100-year-old WWII veteran

Chaos erupted Saturday when more than 100 protesters stormed an Oregon town hall meeting being held by Democratic U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, resulting in the event being canceled. […]

Sportscaster calls marching bands ‘dorks’; Army band response is awesome!

Is Rome burning? You betcha. Jim Rome, that is. The CBS sportscaster sent a tweet during the college football playoffs on New Year’s Day that ended up […]

Utter contempt: ‘Thousands of police officers’ turn their backs on NY mayor at slain cop’s funeral

Will the rift between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the police he is charged with commanding ever be healed? Despite calls from Commissioner Bill […]

Black lawmaker issues threat to white voters about ‘white privilege’

Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal seems to love controversy. The senator — a Democrat, of course — was extremely vocal during the Ferguson protests and now, she’s […]

cottonwood pd
‘Great stuff’: Note on patrol car’s window says what every cop needs to hear

A note of support left on the windshield of a police car in Utah offers a glimmer of hope that average folks see through the political motivated “police brutality” […]