Police chief takes ‘heavy fire’ for holding ‘end white silence’ sign!

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay is defending a picture of himself that’s been circulating on social media creating controversy.

The photo shows Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay holding a sign that reads, “I resolve to challenge racism at work. #EndWhiteSilence.”

According to Pittsburgh CBS Local, the police union was not happy and it associates racism with the department. The picture sparked an emotional dialogue, McLay took to facebook to defend his actions.

According to WTAE.com, McLay wrote: “It appears my having been photographed with a sign supporting racial justice at work and (opposing) ‘white silence’ has offended some. If any of my PBP (Pittsburgh Bureau of Police) family was offended, I apologize. You are very important to me and I would never hurt you purposefully,” McLay wrote.

McLay also addressed this on facebook which is posted below:


Reaction toward McLay was mixed. liberals accepted the tweeted photo and pushed it out while conservatives saw it as a backstabbing.


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