Krauthammer: ‘The biggest story of the year’ . . . gas prices plummet ‘IN SPITE of Obama, not because of Obama’

Americans are paying attention to the price of oil, and according to syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, “it’s the biggest story of the year.”

Krauthammer told guest host Ed Henry on Fox News’ “Special Report” panel Friday night: “It’s damaged our enemies, the Russians, the Venezuelans, the Iranians, and, of course, it’s propelling our economy.

“When Obama says that we’ve been increasing oil production, think of this,” Krauthammer said,  “oil production on federal lands has declined by 16% since 2010.”

This has happened in spite of Obama and not because of Obama,” he continued. “It’s occurred entirely on state owned and private lands.”

Krauthammer, known by conservatives for his brilliant mind and quick wit, threw in an extra zinger at Obama just for fun when Henry opened the door on the presidential library debate.

“You mentioned the president,” said Henry. Presidential library . . . Hawaii, Chicago, New York?

“Havana,” said Krauthammer, without missing a beat.


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