If you like Boehner, you’ll HATE this hashtag: ‘BetterSpeakerThanBoehner’ nominations are hilarious

The push to oust House Speaker John Boehner has gone into overdrive this week and social media is doing its part to help it along.

What could invite more snark than a #BetterSpeakerThanBoehner hashtag?

BizPac Review reported a newly released poll on Friday that “found 60 percent of Republican voters “definitely” or “probably” preferred someone new to take over the speaker’s post when the 114th Congress organizes next week, compared to only 26 percent who “definitely” or probably favored the Ohio Republican retaining the post.”

In addition, 64 percent of Republicans polled think Boehner has been “ineffective” in opposing President Obama’s agenda.

Suggestions for a better speaker were abundant. Tammy Bruce kicks off the list:

This one was clever:

Anyone else have any nominations?


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