Anti-cop protesters come up with a list of DEMANDS: Oh hell, just handcuff all cops

After months of demanding fairness from white police officers, some “Black Lives Matter” protesters finally revealed what that justice would look like.

Unfortunately the flier may as well have read “We demand all police be handcuffed.”

Among the crowd’s ridiculous demands is that officials form an independent investigative body with full prosecutorial power to mete out punishment of abusive cops, according to the Daily Caller.

We demand a total independent investigative body that has full and total investigative powers, and unhindered access to any scene and full access to all evidence. This investigative body will have full prosecuting power, and the authority to mete out punishment. This agency will have the power to immediately sequester any and all officers that are involved and/or on the scene.

Black Lives Matter
Photo credit International Business Times.

They want prosecutors and judges dedicated only to dealing with accusations against police officers, and all officers accused of misconduct or excessive force suspended immediately without pay pending the outcome of an investigation. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

Imagine a world where all a suspect has to do is claim police brutality and a police officer is suspended without pay. Who would be left to put the bad guys away?

The group is also demanding that all officers be equipped with body cameras that stream live to the public, with any officer shown not performing his duties deemed guilty and punished accordingly.

“THE BLUE WALL OF SILENCE MUST IS (sic) TOPPLED,” the flier said, according to the Caller.


Good grammar would come in handy if these protesters actually expected the government to take them seriously.

Fortunately for them, it appears New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio does take them seriously.

“Freedom Justice and Equality or Death,” the flier said in closing.

Clearly, these are a reasonable group of constitutional scholars.


Carmine Sabia


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