Brazen attacker, wanted by cops, goes on TV to say she’s not sorry for viciously beating girl

A viral video showing the vicious beating of a 19 year old has captured headlines for its brutality, but one of the brazen assailants isn’t satisfied with […]

Rose Bowl winners’ locker room duck dance

The Oregon Ducks started 2015 off the right way by breaking the world record for the second most watched cable broadcast in history. On Thursday they won […]

Black Lives Matter
Anti-cop protesters come up with a list of DEMANDS: Oh hell, just handcuff all cops

After months of demanding fairness from white police officers, some “Black Lives Matter” protesters finally revealed what that justice would look like. Unfortunately the flier may as […]

BLOWN AWAY! Exactly the cool thing I would do for my fans if I were a worldwide mega-star

Mega-pop star Taylor Swift has legions of mostly younger fans, but unlike some less mature teen idols that have plagued graced our society through the years, this girl […]

Heartwarming! Dog runs for first time with 3D printed legs

One disabled dog got a fresh start, thanks to the work of a Rock Hill, S.C.-based technology company. 3D Systems has helped Derby walk normally for the first […]

exploding car
Hey, let’s blow up our car with fireworks for the new year!

So, what do you want to do for the new year? How about we blow up the car? That sounds great! Let’s run about 50 feet away […]

BizPac Review
Binge drinkers volunteer to hang out in fully stocked bar – minus the booze

A group of scientists has embarked on a unique experiment to prevent binge drinking — in a bar, of all places. But it’s not your typical bar. […]

Newsweek’s Bible-bashing ‘cafeteria Christians’ cover story causes Twitter spat

Newsweek didn’t see a thing coming when it got blowback from a recent attack on Christians. In the magazine’s latest cover story, “The Bible: So Misunderstood it’s […]

Police chief takes ‘heavy fire’ for holding ‘end white silence’ sign!

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay is defending a picture of himself that’s been circulating on social media creating controversy. The photo shows Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay […]

Oprah told to ‘put up or shut up’ by angry #BlackLivesMatter protesters

Is there a crack in the #BlackLivesMatters movement? Are they eating their own? It seems Oprah Winfrey has angered online social media activists again with her comments […]

Veteran, former cop sues Cuomo, state officials for taking his guns after he sought treatment for insomnia

In a testament to the injustice wrought when anti-gun legislators restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights, one military veteran said he had his weapons confiscated after seeking treatment […]

If you like Boehner, you’ll HATE this hashtag: ‘BetterSpeakerThanBoehner’ nominations are hilarious

The push to oust House Speaker John Boehner has gone into overdrive this week and social media is doing its part to help it along. What could […]