What did Fla. State coach say to star quarterback during the Rose Bowl that has everyone talking?

A video from Thursday’s Rose Bowl appears to show Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher threatening to bench star quarterback Jameis Winston as the game turned into a rout.

The exchange came after Winston fumbled a fourth-down play in the third quarter against Oregon and Florida State was smack-dab in the middle of an embarrassing death spiral in front of a national television audience.

The exchange occurred when the score was 45-20. In less than 13 game minutes, the score had gone from a recoverable 25-20 to an embarrassing final score of 59-20.


At a news conference after the game, Winston played down the exchange with Fisher and said, “He always gets animated like that when he talks.”

Maybe he’s right and we shouldn’t make too much of the exchange either. There has been some  hilariously bad lip reading in football’s professional ranks in the NFL.

Check out this video for some awesome examples.


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