Watch adorable baby girl react to dad’s advice on how men should treat her

This video is a “be inspired” favorite.

It’s not easy to raise children but explaining to them from a young age the respect they should receive and how they should be treated can go along way to helping them grow up respectfully.

In the video, the adorable baby in the high chair is responding to her father’s questions about who she is –“a queen,” (well, a princess and a queen when she gets bigger).

He also asked her what a man is going to do, to which she responds, “respect” her. And when daddy asked her when it’s ok for a man to put his hands on her, she says when he’s giving her love.

I promise you, this is the cutest and most heartwarming conversation you’ll see today.

What are some self-worth conversations you have with the children in your life? Sound off in the comments below.

h/t ViralTV

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