US veteran tells Fox News: I was recruited to fight ISIS over Facebook

It doesn’t take much to join the fight against ISIS.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News a 33 year old US military veteran, identified only as “John,” explained how he traveled to Syria and joined Kurdish fighters to battle ISIS terrorists.

“There was a Facebook page for it. Shot them a message, expressed my interest, they got back to me, told me to send them, essentially, a resume for their vetting purposes,” he said. “I just went online and bought a ticket. It was that easy. It was like booking a flight to Miami Beach.”

While his military experience was a plus John said it was not a necessity.

“It’s extremely dangerous in that they’re taking anyone with no military experience, no age requirements, no physical restrictions,” he said. “They are just taking people there, giving them a gun saying, ‘Hey, good luck, buddy’,”

He said he was met at the airport and immediately driven to fight on the front lines.

“I got in a car and there was a guy from Scotland there,” he said. “So that was kind of refreshing, to see that I’m not the only one and it helped affirm to me, hey, I actually am with the good guys.”

While it is not illegal for Americans to fight for a foreign army it is discouraged, and may be a violation, according to the New York Post.

“It’s certainly something we’ve spoken out against and are opposed to,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told Fox News on Dec. 18.

John said his is a tale of caution.

“The amount of trouble I could be in is, you know, still up in the air. It’s a legal gray area, what I did,” he said.

Carmine Sabia


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