SEE IT: Freak ‘mini-tornado’ at Rose Bowl, dust devil caught on video

A rare wind event before a nationally television college football playoff game had onlookers running for their lives.

The “sporadic wind event” took place around 1:30 p.m. in Lot H of the Rose Bowl, where the University of Oregon Ducks took on the reigning champion, Florida State Seminoles in the first year of college football’s national championship. This game was watched nationally on New Years Day.

A video posted on YouTube shows a large whirlwind making its way through the lot before picking up the canopy and lifting it high into the air. The winds left people screaming and running, including one person dressed in a cow costume.

If you watch the video carefully, you will see someone seemingly catch the leg of a pop-up tent and then the individual falls to the ground as the wind pulls the tent.

Here’s another report from the scene.

After viewing the YouTube video, Ryan Kittell of the National Weather Service said “The incident was not a tornado but more like a “dust devil,” according to KTLA.

The Pasadena Fire Department reported that four people were treated on scene for minor injuries. The strength of the winds tore up booths and tents, as people fled from flying debris.

h/t Youtube, KTLA


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