‘Price is Right’ contestants crack up audience, host over crazy iPhone answers

Talk about being a bad shopper.

Two contestants on CBS’s hit game show “The Price Is Right” apparently had no idea of what a 16GB iPhone 6 with a one year contract sells for.

In the show’s final episode for 2014 contestants were presented with the phone and, as always, had to guess the price of the phone and contract without going over.

The first two guesses were astronomical.

The first contestant bid $7,500 for the phone. The contestant that followed her apparently thought she was right on and bid $7,501.

The next two contestants followed with more realistic bids of $850 and $930 respectively.

“I hope the marketing people are Apple are watching this,” host Drew Carey said.

He then revealed the actual retail price was $1,969.

Did they thing the phone was diamond encrusted?

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Carmine Sabia


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