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‘Mindful’ of the optics? Obamas dine at restaurant offering $500K memberships

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Americans have been told for years they should have a seat at the table, we are pretty much sure it’s not this table.

The Obamas spent the first night of the new year at Vintage Cave, an upscale restaurant in Hawaii where the restaurant’s menu is reportedly $295, with a 13-15 course meal. That’s a lot of cheese.

Researching the Vintage Cave a little more, we found their website and description and it’s just heavenly.

“At Vintage Cave Honolulu, one can enjoy exceptional food and wine at the hands of gifted masters of the culinary arts. ‘Chef’s recommendation’ commands a gravitas guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning palate. Seasoned sommelier’s conduct the process of pairing wine and food with true finesse and style. Secure in the natural embrace of the cave-like environment, guests are encouraged to relax, ‘hit reset’ and escape the ordinary.”

Nationwide, minorities are gathering up as much as they can to just get by and the Obamas flaunt this high-priced excursion.

The “optics” of this will not play well throughout the grassroots of Americans and possibly into the black community, and it doesn’t faze them. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it would take a black couple more than two weeks to sit down at this restaurant, setting them back in paying other important bills.

Who best to weigh in on this than the people of America through social media?


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