Kurdish Fighters
US veteran tells Fox News: I was recruited to fight ISIS over Facebook

It doesn’t take much to join the fight against ISIS. In an exclusive interview with Fox News a 33 year old US military veteran, identified only as […]

Oregon Players
Football players’ ‘no means no’ chant in really bad taste

There’s being a sore winner and then there’s being a total jerk. Following Oregon Ducks‘ 59 – 20 victory over the Florida State Seminoles in the Rose […]

President of Black Lawyers for Justice: Time for New Black Panthers to ‘build up that army . . . go to gun range’

The second amendment is one that we treasure and protect but when it comes to this hate speech, the hammer of justice must be brought down. The […]

Ninja sushi chef brings a knife to a gun fight — and takes robber down

An Illinois man picked the wrong place for Japanese takeout. He was trying to take out some cash, armed with a pellet gun – but a blade-flashing […]

change of heart
Camera catches man walking in to rob store, RUNNING out with bullets chasing him

Surveillance video caught a pretty quick change of heart when a gun-wielding would-be robber turned on his heels after the owner of the store he was trying […]

Winston Fisher
What did Fla. State coach say to star quarterback during the Rose Bowl that has everyone talking?

A video from Thursday’s Rose Bowl appears to show Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher threatening to bench star quarterback Jameis Winston as the game turned into a […]

Watch adorable baby girl react to dad’s advice on how men should treat her

This video is a “be inspired” favorite. It’s not easy to raise children but explaining to them from a young age the respect they should receive and […]

Toddler’s wedding dance moves will make you chuckle!

Dancing with the Stars in this young man’s future. You know the old saying, someone is always watching. Well, during this wedding party, the camera phone starts […]

singing son
Loving son sings to soothe disoriented mother; her precious response

It began as a bucolic scene: a son playing guitar for his mother on a porch. It quickly became clear, as the mother asked question after question, […]

SEE IT! Manila gets ‘best fireworks display ever’ title

Simply put: The Greatest. Fireworks. Display. Ever.

Photos: Dozen of cars in massive pile-up on snowy highway

A massive pileup involved at least 35 cars on Interstate 93 in Ashland, N.H., on Friday morning. A snow squall passed through the area around 9:45 a.m., […]

Harry Reid breaks his face and ribs: ‘Did he run into the Koch brothers?’

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was involved in an exercise accident that caused him to be rushed to the hospital. According to a statement released by […]

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