It’s complicated! 11-year-old girl gets hilarious response to ‘check yes or no’ love note

Way to make a woman wait for you! An 11-year girl sent a love note to a boy at her school – the kind that has been […]

‘Lost Dog’: 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl ad . . . puppy touches hearts again!

Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial has been leaked early, of course, and it’s ‘pawesome’.

Arab-Americans as proposed special class in 2020 Census; would gain political influence, access to public money

A possible move to create a separate census classification for people of Middle Eastern and North African descent starting in the 2020 Census could give Arab-Americans more […]

Brady Bunch Marcia
Snickers puts hilarious twist on classic Brady Bunch episode for Super Bowl ad

Who doesn’t love the Brady Bunch? And who doesn’t remember the episode when Marcia got hit in her nose with a football? Snickers gets kudos from me […]

Black blogger race-bully humiliates QVC host into apologizing for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Last week a QVC shopping channel host was humiliated into apologizing for an alleged slur supposedly directed against a black model that was completely fabricated by a […]

Protesters shut down Starbucks; blame ‘racist’ employees for calling cops on homeless man

Like a hammer in search of a nail, #BlackLivesMatter protesters are quick to jump on any incident to decry racial injustice at the hands of police, regardless […]

‘Deflate-cakes’ become the rage for Super Bowl parties; check out pics

While NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell may not want anything to do with #DeflateGate before the kickoff on Super Sunday, it appears that “deflate-cakes” have become all the […]

‘You’re stoned!’ Facial contortionist and host Nancy Grace flips out over a pot cookie

The obnoxious, facial contortionist windbag dearly loved, well respected ‘Nancy Grace‘ only gets this upset if the day ends in Y. Pot activist Norm Kent told Grace […]

Eastwood Moore
Michael Moore cries about why Clint Eastwood’s ‘threat’ to kill him 10 years ago is still a problem

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s disdain for the “American Sniper” movie may have less to do with the film’s content than the man who directed it. Moore recounted a […]

David Clarke
Sheriff Clarke slams Holder to Congress: He ‘s caused a ‘rallying cry for cop-haters across America’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wants to make sure President Obama’s attorney general nominee is more police-friendly than her predecessor, Eric Holder. While testifying at Loretta Lynch’s […]

Everytown for Gun Safety facing lawsuit, admits to bogus claims against gun dealers

A gun control group financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is under fire over allegations that it made bogus and inflammatory claims against gun […]

franklin graham
Rev. Graham: ‘Secularism and communism are same,’ anti-Christ have taken control of Washington

The son of famed evangelist Billy Graham is blaming secular progressive leaders in Washington, D.C., for turning America into a godless nation. “We live in a secular society led by […]

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