BCS 2014 FSU and Auburn
Florida, Alabama governors make friendly national championship wager

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley followed the tradition of a friendly wager between governors over the outcome of the BCS National Championship Game. […]

icebreaker crew
MSNBC host annoyed with conservatives who mock global warming during cold weather

An MSNBC host has had it with conservatives mocking global-warming alarmists every time it gets unseasonably cold or a snowstorm hits. With a huge winter storm bearing […]

Punk demands elderly man’s cash – gets business end of handgun instead

A young punk who expected some easy cash when he attempted to rob a 90-year-old business owner Monday got a surprise instead — the business-end of a […]

Deportations on ICE while Democrats push amnesty

Before Republicans start caving to Democrats’ demand for “comprehensive immigration reform” this election year, skeptics say lawmakers should find out how billions in tax dollars are falling […]

DOJ spending over half million to ‘enhance profile’ on LinkedIn

The Justice Department is spending over a half-million dollars to recruit employees by enhancing its profile on the social networking website, LinkedIn. The contract awarded $544,338 to […]

Patients leave hospitals untreated as Obamacare confusion kicks in

The Obama administration’s most recent claim that 2 million Americans have gotten insurance coverage through Obamacare is being played up by its media cheerleaders, but sick people […]

Corey Stoddard
Man attacked, then charged with murder after killing bad guy with gun

If someone tries to rob you and they get killed, his fault, your fault, nobody’s fault — you shouldn’t be held legally responsible. The fact that this […]

Holstered gun
Man detained while legally carrying a gun files federal lawsuit

A Michigan man has filed a federal lawsuit against police after he was detained while carrying a holstered gun – a legal act under the state’s open-carry laws. […]

Obama’s half-brother mystified by president’s denial about meeting him

At some point, a reasonable person begins to conclude that President Obama has a hard time with telling the truth, or that he goes out of his […]

Sanctuary for wounded warriors gets slapped with $10,000 tax bill

A Virginia couple who put up $1 million and 37 acres of rural land to help brothers in arms are learning the hard way that no good […]

Megyn Kelly admits spending night in bed with female coworker, hilarity ensues

A winter snowstorm in the Northeast is now breaking news in America, but Fox News’ Megyn Kelly managed to turn a chilly subject hot — as in […]

11 state attorneys general say Obamacare fixes illegal

Eleven GOP state attorneys general blasted Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, saying the Obama administration is breaking the law each time it changes the Affordable […]