bernie sanders
NSA wont deny spying on members of Congress

In a letter Friday to National Security Agency director Keith Alexander, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., asked if members of Congress are being spied on by the agency. […]

Math dunce
Netanyahu puts public dunce cap on John Kerry

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lectured U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Saturday on the Palestinian leadership’s lack of commitment to reach a peaceful coexistence with the […]

Tiny town jails 88-year-old World War II vet for building code violation

An 88-year-old World War II veteran and longtime small-business owner was jailed overnight by his small hometown because of a building code violation he can’t afford to […]

steven seagal
Actor Steven Seagal ponders run for Arizona governor; defends Sheriff Arpaio

Imagine living in a state that not only has America’s toughest sheriff, but also has one of the top tough-guy heroes in Hollywood as governor. While discussing […]

In Hawaii, Obama shames GOP for going home for holidays while ‘mothers need help feeding kids’

President Barack Obama blasted Republican lawmakers in his weekly address Saturday for going on vacation during the holidays and neglecting “a mother who needs help feeding her […]

Desert Tactical Arms
Honorable Utah gun manufacturer praised for refusing to sell guns to Pakistan

A Utah gun manufacturer passed on a multimillion-dollar contract to sell guns to Pakistan for fear the weapons could land in the hands of al-Qaida. “The company […]

Sarah Palin at Liberty Convocation
Sarah Palin’s vow to aggressively tackle media’s ‘lapdog laziness’ in 2014

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin posted her New Year’s resolutions after returning home from spending the first few days of the new year at her remote cabin […]

Florida CFO Jeff Atwater applying for FAU presidency post

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater is applying for the presidency of Florida Atlantic University, a position that, if attained, will more than likely require his resignation […]

Dying lawyer’s ‘compassionate release’ sparks outrage from Megyn Kelly

Disbarred attorney Lynne Stewart, convicted of aiding and abetting one of the world’s worst Islamic terrorists, was released from prison this week to a hero’s welcome after […]

Harris-Perry’s apology, take two: Host breaks down in tears on air

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is clearly feeling the heat from a panel on last week’s show that mocked Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson, and took to the […]

nuns shoot
Singer Charlie Daniels: Only people with guts to face down Obama is a group of nuns

Most freedom-loving Americans celebrated the recently reported news that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted an order on Dec. 31 to temporarily halt the Obamacare mandate requiring the Little […]

Karri Kinder family
‘I’ve never been treated so poorly’: Alabama mom’s scathing letter over Obamacare nightmare

While the Obama administration continues to tout the success of Obamacare and the newly revamped website, real people are facing the new year with no health insurance. […]