Atwater , Lemiuex sized
Florida Five: Atwater vs. LeMieux for FAU prez, Govs wager on game, Rubio’s new focus

It’s time for the BCS National Championship game Monday night! And while the Sunshine State and FSU fans prepare for tonight’s win, also take a look at […]

Marco Rubio’s new agenda to address failed ‘war on poverty’

On Sunday, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio began outlining changes he wants to see implemented after 50 years of failed and expensive policies from President Lyndon B. Johnson’s […]

Scotts greet troops
Fla. governor and first lady welcome troops home from Afghanistan

Gov. Rick Scott and first lady Ann Scott welcomed Florida Army National Guard troops home from deployment at a stop in Plant City on Sunday. The troops […]

Nigel Farage
Britain’s own version of the tea party poised to take 2014 elections by storm

The tea party-inspired renaissance of conservatism isn’t confined to America’s borders. It’s spread to the United Kingdom, where it appears to be flourishing. Britain’s own version of […]

This innocent ‘clump of hair’ will scare the hell out of you

There is nothing to say here, but you might want to grab a bucket in case you feel the urge to toss your cookies. The super short […]

What the hex? Dems in court fight over NY ‘voodoo’ mural

Democrats really will believe about anything. The woman widely expected to be the next City Council speaker in the Big Apple has been hit with a $1 […]

Colorado Dems blamed for $80M punch to gut with Magpul pulling up stakes

Thanks to the gun control blitzkrieg led by Democratic lawmakers last year, Colorado is about to take a hit in the wallet in the midst of an […]

Playful greyhound in batman pajamas celebrates the snow

Scott Merrihew posted this video of greyhound Mosley on You Tube a few days ago. He was having a party for one in the icy snow. The batman pajamas […]

See what you bought Michelle Obama for her 50th birthday

What do you get for the first lady who has everything? Try a few more days in sun-kissed Hawaii for Michelle Obama while her husband and two […]

Mitt Romney accepts apology: ‘Folks at MSNBC made a big mistake’

In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Mitt Romney said he accepted the apology from MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry over an on-air segment that mocked Romney’s adopted […]

Actress who mocked Pearl Harbor survivors touts honesty: ‘I’m not sorry’

The actress-comedian who spent New Year’s Eve ridiculing survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor isn’t backing down. Natasha Leggero has had time to think things over […]

Prayer in school 1
Nomination for ‘Best Email of the Year’ stirs controversy, strikes nerves

Talk about striking a nerve. According to the Association of Mature American Citizens, the self-labeled “voice of Americans 50+,” the following polite rant was sent by member Howard Sharpell, and […]