Man named ‘Jack Daniels’ names his son ‘Jim Beam,’ and there’s more . . .

Here’s a story that should go over well at a cocktail party. Thirty-one-year-old Jack Daniels Leathers and his wife Lydia talked about the name of their future […]

Al Sharpton, dumb enough to ask followers to name top 3 stories of 2014, got EXACTLY what he deserved!

The race-baiting “Rev.” Al Sharpton probably thought he had a rabble-rousing idea when he asked Twitter followers Tuesday to submit their votes for the top news stories […]

Public school takes 11-year-olds to hear Farrakhan call whites ‘crackers,’ call on blacks to ‘tear this GD country up!’

A Maryland public school took students as young as 11 to hear a speech by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan last month that included calling white […]

New Years Cookies
Obama’s FDA wants a ban on Christmas cookies, right down to the sprinkles, says Fox host

The federal food police are out to save you from the impending doom of sprinkles, donuts and Christmas cookies. “Say goodbye to your favorite sprinkled donuts,” “Fox […]

Feminist heads spin: Actress tells Redbook she loves ‘serving’ her husband – ‘I like the idea of women taking care of their men’

Kaley Cuoco, star of the hit CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” told Redbook magazine that she likes feeling like a — gasp! — housewife at home. […]

Video: Obama responds to black teen’s ‘I Just wanna be safe’ Christmas letter

This 13-year-old boy knew how to get President Obama’s attention this Christmas. Malik Bryant, who lives in a high-crime neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side with his single […]

Is it a sham? Viral video of homeless man spending $100 gift on others questioned

That feel-good video that went viral last week showing of a homeless plan apparently using $100 he was given by a stranger to buy food for fellow […]

Following bizarre online rants, man is shot trying to run over police in PA

A man who believed the CIA and FBI were out to kill him was shot and killed by police in a Philadelphia suburb Tuesday. In a YouTube […]

Watch granny get annoyed at receiving iPhone for gift; relieved that it’s chocolate

You know that face you make when someone gives you a gift they just know you are going to hate, but you have to pretend you are […]

Ex-KKK leader David Duke’s WARNING: Politicians, watch your back, or I’ll release a tell-all list

Even David Duke thinks the Steve Scalise story is “insane.” But he’s still using it to deliver a message to politicians of both parties: Go easy or […]

‘Disturbing image’ painted on school sparks outrage; angel holding police at gunpoint

How creepy is this? Disturbing image spray painted on school building which is across the street from DPD. Story @ 530 @FOX2News — Randy Wimbley (@RandyWFOX2) […]

Krauthammer nails left with ‘double standard’ on KKK ‘scandal’: Obama sat for 22 years in Rev. Wright’s church

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer on Tuesday took apart overblown media coverage of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s speech to a white supremacist group in 2002, pointing out the “double […]