Official White House 2014 ‘Year in Photos’ gets Angry Bald Dude’s touch

There’s nothing like collection of carefully selected photographs to make your year look successful.

The White House this week released its “Year in Photos” for 2014 and it’s a rather interesting mix.

Lets take a look.

Barack Obama bows the the leader of the free world.

Barack Obama bows the the leader of the free world

“Pizza! Where’s the damn pizza?”

Pizza! Where’s the damn pizza.

“I wanted to be a doctor but you ruined medicine.”


Children attack the president when they find out how much they owe towards the national debt.

Children attack president

The president finds a job he’s actually qualified for.

Qualified Job

Obama wonders if he should declare for the NFL Draft.

NFL draft

Would you withdraw from Crimea if I said pretty please?

Whatever you want

“So I told them if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

So I told them

Worst game of hide and go seek ever.

Hide and go seek

“Found a quarter.”

Found a quarter

Giving Ferguson protesters a face to face meeting. Still waiting for a photo of him with the families of the two police officers killed in New York.

Ferguson protestors

Obama finds out that he was a victim of the iPhone celebrity hacking scandal.

Oh No reading emails

All Photos by Pete Souza for

Carmine Sabia


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