Obama’s FDA wants a ban on Christmas cookies, right down to the sprinkles, says Fox host

The federal food police are out to save you from the impending doom of sprinkles, donuts and Christmas cookies.

“Say goodbye to your favorite sprinkled donuts,” “Fox & Friends” host Clayton Morris declared Wednesday. “That is, [if] the FDA has anything to do with it.”

Morris asked Jayson Lusk, author of “The Food Police,” to address the policy.

“When the evidence began to emerge that trans fats were pretty unhealthy and risky the FDA required labeling,” he said “What we’ve seen as a consequence of that label is that companies have already voluntarily cut back on the amount of trans fats.”

“There’s a tendency to look at this kind of policy and say ‘Hey what’s the big deal?’” he added. “But I think the way you want to look at that is to say that if the government can involve itself into such minutiae decisions of our daily lives…that’s really not much respect for the citizens’ choices.”

Morris listed other items with small amounts of trans fats, including frozen pizza, crackers and frosting.

“If you’re making some cookies once a year with your kids on the holidays that will be banned,” he added. “Can’t the government have some common sense here?”

Government have common sense? That’s a lot to ask.

Carmine Sabia


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