Man named ‘Jack Daniels’ names his son ‘Jim Beam,’ and there’s more . . .

jim beamHere’s a story that should go over well at a cocktail party.

Thirty-one-year-old Jack Daniels Leathers and his wife Lydia talked about the name of their future first son, Jim Beam, on their very first date, according to the

The family tradition started when Jack’s father sought a kind of revenge on his own mom and dad.

“My parents decided they wanted to name their son something to make their parents mad,” Jack told “And, at the time, my dad was drinking Jack, which he enjoyed. My mom said, ‘Why not?’ ”

Unique names can make life more interesting, according to Daniels.

“Nobody believed my name until I showed them my ID,” he said. “When I went into the Army, sergeants would yell, ‘How much more American can you get than Jack Daniels?’ I went through most of my Army career not hearing my last name because people would call me Jack Daniels.”

“I’ve always tried to do stuff out of the ordinary, to do things differently than other people,” Lydia Daniels said. “It’s hard to find a name that you like that nobody you know has. It was all Jack’s idea. I just went along with it.”

“We get a lot of flack from other people about it,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s our son, and it’s what we wanted to do.”

Alcoholic names have been chosen for future siblings as well. A boy will be Evan Williams after the bourbon and a girl would be named Sherry.

Jim Beam was born in November.

The judge who officiated at the Louisiana couple’s wedding?

Would you believe, Judge Johnny Walker?

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