Libs’ worst nightmare, Trey Gowdy, next Speaker of the House? Heavyweights weigh in . . .

A serious battle has begun to oust spineless Speaker of the House John Boehner, and big girl panties are not going to help him now.

Jan 6 is the day of reckoning for Boehner and some very powerful people behind the scenes are fed up with him. More vocal in their distaste are superstar conservative radio personalities Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. Hannity came out with his pick for a replacement Tuesday, but he was way behind Twitter users, who had Trey Gowdy bringing the “boom to the room” months ago. Hannity told Breitbart in an email:

“The American people need bold inspiring solutions to reverse the damaging policies of the President and his party. This is not a time for half measures.It’s time for new dynamic leadership in the House of Representatives. Trey Gowdy is my choice for speaker. He has the ability to articulate and implement the changes needed to get the country on the right path.  Gowdy has a plan to balance the budget, secure the borders, push for energy independence and replace Obamacare with personal healthcare savings accounts. John Boehner has snubbed and ignored conservatives for too long as evidenced by the recent cromnibus budget deal he made with Obama, Reid and Hoyer. It’s time he step aside for the good of country and the conservative movement.”

Levin didn’t mention a replacement, but offered these comments on Facebook:

“GOP establishment a disastrous mess. Clean them out. Time for new leaders with conservative principles.”

“Boehner needs to go . . .”

Did I mention the rabid Gowdy fans on Twitter and the oh so catchy slogans encouraging the conservative favorite to lead a “WEEP-FREE Congress”?

Michele Kirk


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