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Al Sharpton, dumb enough to ask followers to name top 3 stories of 2014, got EXACTLY what he deserved!

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The race-baiting “Rev.” Al Sharpton probably thought he had a rabble-rousing idea when he asked Twitter followers Tuesday to submit their votes for the top news stories of 2014 for his radio show “Keepin’ It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton.”

Some of the answers he got couldn’t have been pleasing, since they focused on revelations about Sharpton himself, his problems paying taxes and his past as an FBI informant.

And the death of two NYPD cops.

Some of the thoughts were a good deal less than complimentary, but in Sharpton’s case, that’s just another way of saying they’re true.

(Warning: Strong language ahead.)

Some of the invective was even more bitter, blaming Sharpton for the assassination of two New York police officers in the days before Christmas.

Sharpton has been in the public eye for so long now, going back to his days making up gang-rape stories against white men in New York in the 1980s, that the criticism can’t mean much to him.

But seriously, how do liberals justify his current status as confidant (God help us) to the president of the United States?

The man has visited the White House at least 70 times since the Obamas moved in in 2009. (How many people have you had to your house 70 times in the past five years?)

When it comes to vermin like Sharpton, once would be too many. Libs have to live with that, though.



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