Woman reunited with prized mustang stolen 28 years earlier

Many of us have lost prized possessions only to find them a day later, a week…maybe even a month.

But 28 years?

Twenty-eight years ago, Lynda Alsip, then only 17, bought a Ford Mustang for $800. The car was stolen from outside her apartment about a year after she had purchased it. Before it was taken from her, she had planned to install personalized license plates — “LYNDA 67” on her pride and joy.

“I never thought I would see it again,” she told theThe Monterey Herald. She noted she had worked hard to earn money for the car, and her dad, who has since died helped her out with a little extra cash too.

Alsip got an early Christmas present when her classic Mustang was returned by the California Highway Patrol — 28 years after it disappeared.

Photo Credit / montereyherald.com
Photo Credit / montereyherald.com

According to the Herald, the car came to authorities’ attention when a man who said he bought the car from storage 25 years ago finally.

Police are investigating whether the man knew the vehicle was stolen, the Herald reported.

“It had been out of the system for so long that it came back with no file. All of the files for the vehicle had been purged,” CHP officer Jaime Rios told the Herald. “The officer did some digging and found out the car was stolen in 1986 from Salinas.”

Alsip, who is now a mother herself and lives in Hollister, said she immediately got nervous when the CHP called her house.

“Given neither of my children were home and it was the highway patrol, I thought something had happened to my children,” she said.

“The officer asked me if I’d ever had a car stolen and I said, ‘Oh my God, you found my green ’67 Mustang!’” she said. “I just blurted it out.”

Alsip was allowed to pick up her car from the Salinas Department of Motor Vehicles yard last week. As fate would have it, she still has the license plate “Lynda 67” in her possession.

Now, she says she’s “going to put it in the garage so no one can steal it and then get it back to road-worthy condition.”

“This will always be in my possession from here on out,” she said.


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