Video: Obama’s ‘sorry’ phone call recorded as he shirks blame for ruining soldiers’ wedding plans

Trying to quell an image of callousness not even a mainstream media whitewash can make go away, the president whose golf game forced two Army captains to move their wedding over the weekend got on the phone Sunday to apologize.

But that didn’t mean it was he was taking the blame, of course.

As usual, he didn’t know anything about it.

The White House optics problem started when the story spread thattwo military lovebirds, Army Captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue Jr., were forced to move their dream wedding off a beautiful Hawaiian golf course after the president decided he wanted to play through.

The pen and phone president had to get on the phone.

“Listen, congratulations on your wedding,” Obama said in the call. “I feel terrible. Nobody told us and had they mentioned they were going to have a wedding on the 16th hole we would have skipped the 16th hole, I hope the wedding went OK anyway,” he added.

“It did. Thank you very much. It was a blessing in disguise,” the groom, Edward Mallue Jr., responded.

Still feeling awkward, the apology continued, “Sorry for the change of plans. But sounds like you guys are gonna have a great wedding and at least you will have a good story to tell,” Obama said before ending the call. “Congratulations and thank you both for your service.”

It was far from the first time that Obama’s golf game landed him in the rough, of course. Back in August, for instance, Obama was criticized shortly after Islamist radicals beheaded American journalist James Foley.


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