Nick Searcy torches ‘white guilt’ parenting article: ‘He’s sucking up to guilty white libs’

It’s no secret that liberals love to feel guilty about things that happened years ago that nobody now is responsible for.

Calvin Hennick wrote an article “7 Things I Can Do That My Black Son Can’t,” which was chosen one of the top articles of the year by Yahoo! Parenting.

If there is one conservative warrior who fights back against liberal indoctrination pushing “white guilt” on social media, it’s incomparable Nick Searcy. He took to twitter and facebookto take Hennick’s argument apart so eloquently that readers applauded. (Hennick “is sucking up to guilty white liberals,” one wrote.)

Searcy followed up this tweet with an entry on his Facebook page. Here is an excerpt;

I do not teach my son that he is a perpetual victim, and that he is hated. He is not. He is loved and admired by all who come in contact with him, because he is a wonderful person.

I teach him that there is evil in the world, and it comes in all colors, creeds, religions and genders, but that it is never an excuse for him not to do the right thing. I teach him to take responsibility for what he does, and to make sure his side of the street is clean. I teach him that police officers have a difficult and dangerous job, and they face potential death every time they enter even the most routine traffic stop or random encounter. I tell him 1) do not break the law, and 2) if you accidentally do, by speeding or even a careless mistake, if an officer approaches you, you treat them with the utmost respect, and do not give them ANY reason, even if you feel you have been stopped unfairly, to think that you are a threat to them, or that you are not willing to cooperate them in every way. That is what they deserve, and that behavior will protect you as well. Read More of Nick’s expanded response by clicking here. A few followers wanted to weigh in on Nick’s tweets:


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