Louie Gohmert likens Obama to an alcoholic

Smearing the reputations of alcoholics everywhere, Texas Republican Louie Gohmert likened President Obama’s vow to veto Republican legislation to a drinker who finally admits there’s dependency a problem.

But in Obama’s case, Gohmert said on “America’s Newsroom” Monday, the problem was his dependence on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s willingness to kill any chance of a GOP-backed bill from getting a vote on the Senate floor during his six years of control over the upper house.

With Reid now reduced to Senate minority leader, and no longer in a position to enable Obama’s addiction power, the president will be forced to use the veto pen. That, Gohmert said, could be the first step towards the nation’s recovery, if not the president’s.

“What I’m excited about is after all these years… now the president has finally admitted they’ve been lying: he, Harry Reid, all those folks who have been saying Republicans were the Party of No. He’s basically admitted in this statement, ‘Yeah, we’ve been the Party of No. But I’ve been able to rely on Harry Reid to say no so I didn’t have to, but we’ve been the ones that really stopped it.’ That’s what I’m hearing in that statement, and I’m glad the president’s finally admitted. Like an alcoholic, the best news is when you finally admit where your problem is.”

Hear, hear.


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