Krauthammer counsels GOP on Obama’s veto threat: ‘Bring it on, Mr. President’

President Obama is warning the new Republican Congress he plans to use his veto when members take their seats in a few weeks Fox News commentator has a response and he wants the GOP to use it … BRING IT ON!

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In a pre-Christmas interview published Monday, Obama recently told National Public Radio that he will use his veto power to “defend gains that we’ve made in health care; I’m going to defend gains that we’ve made on environment and clean air and clean water.”

Appearing Monday night on On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, and Krauthammer gave the GOP a blueprint on how to combat this presidential overreach.

“I think he will act on it, and I think the Republicans oughta say, ‘Bring it on, Mr. President,’” Krauthammer told Kimberly Guilfoyle, who sat in for Van Susteren.

Krauthammer said he believes Obama would sign some of the legislation passed by a Republican Congress, including trade negotiating authority, which Obama wants.

“They should do that, give the president a win and a victory,” he said.

That would make it possible for Republicans to win victories of their own by making gains with the American people, Krauthammer said.


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