‘How dare he!’ Fox’s Hasselbeck seething over lib writer’s comparison of Chris Kyle to serial killer

At least someone in the media recognizes an American hero when they see one. Naturally, she was on Fox.

On “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Elizabeth Hasselbeck rushed to the defense of legendary sniper Chris Kyle in light of tweets from a liberal blogger that disparaged the patriot.

Lefty writer Max Blumenthal took to Twitter to launch an attack on Kyle, the deadliest sniper in our nation’s history, who recorded 255 kills, 160 officially confirmed by the Pentagon, saving countless American lives in the process.

“Equating one of our greatest heroes to a mass murderer who went on a shooting, killing spree in D.C. and killed 10 innocent people, how dare he?” she said. “And on Christmas Day, when you think about Chris Kyle’s family, his wife, his young children, having to face this assault even on our military.”

Of course Hasselbeck wasn’t the only one to express her disdain for Blumenthal.

Carmine Sabia


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