ATM thief thwarts his own robbery when explosion backfires

A miscalculating would-be-thief foiled his own robbery attempt in Australia last week when an explosion meant to open up a cash machine, sent him flying. Surveillance footage […]

10-man rescue saves horse that fell into a Florida sinkhole

The ground opened up and swallowed this old horse and it took a 10-man rescue crew to save him. Last Friday, Nate, the 30-year-old nag was found […]

How to make a would-be carjacker really mad and nearly get yourself killed

This intense exchange captured on surveillance footage appears to show a man resisting a carjacker’s attempt to take his car. This explanation was posted on YouTube along […]

Play Doh
Play-Doh frantically trying to hide customer complaints of new ‘sex toy’ attachment; parents irate!

It is perhaps the greatest design flaw in children’s toy history. Hasbro has been inundated with complaints since the pre-Christmas release of its new toy, “Play-Doh Cake […]

‘Peaceful protester’ attempts to light KTLA reporter on fire at vigil

The more we let these actions happen, the more these actions will happen. A news reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles opened up the segment describing a […]

Louie Gohmert likens Obama to an alcoholic

Smearing the reputations of alcoholics everywhere, Texas Republican Louie Gohmert likened President Obama’s vow to veto Republican legislation to a drinker who finally admits there’s dependency a […]

Woman reunited with prized mustang stolen 28 years earlier

Many of us have lost prized possessions only to find them a day later, a week…maybe even a month. But 28 years? Twenty-eight years ago, Lynda Alsip, […]

‘How dare he!’ Fox’s Hasselbeck seething over lib writer’s comparison of Chris Kyle to serial killer

At least someone in the media recognizes an American hero when they see one. Naturally, she was on Fox. On “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Elizabeth Hasselbeck rushed […]

Nick Searcy torches ‘white guilt’ parenting article: ‘He’s sucking up to guilty white libs’

It’s no secret that liberals love to feel guilty about things that happened years ago that nobody now is responsible for. Calvin Hennick wrote an article “7 […]

Bathroom graffiti scare: ‘Cop will be killed on New Year’s night’

Using a gas station bathroom when you really have to is one thing, using it to leave a threatening note for police is another. With threats to […]

Even millennials are serving up the top 10 Democrat fails of 2014

Well, 2014 is almost over. But before we raise a glass of bubbly, it’s time to look back at the year that wasn’t for democrats. As we […]

Paugh Wiliam Shadow
White male teacher sues school claiming racial discrimination

A New York teacher is suing the city and his school district for discriminating against him based on the color of his skin. Paugh William Shadow, 42, […]