Family of 5 thanking God; canceled tickets DAY BEFORE flight on missing airliner

A family that had planned to be on the missing AirAsia flight that disappeared over the Pacific on Sunday was thanking God on Monday that they canceled […]

Anti-cop protesters’ New Year’s Eve plans could trigger carnage around the country

  Cops are going to have to watch out for more than drunk drivers New Year’s Eve celebrations around the country promise to be even more raucous […]

Gunmen fire on LAPD patrol car; suspect on the loose

The violent attacks on police continue. In Los Angeles Sunday night two people used a rifle to fire on a police cruiser, putting police citywide on high […]

Video: Can you ‘accidentally stomp’ on an opposing player’s leg – TWICE? Football fans buzzing

The footage has gone viral and the verdict seems split. So, what do you think? The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers got dirty in Wisconsin Sunday […]

Muslim group sues over US Navy’s ‘beard discrimination’

  A Muslim who served almost 10 years in the Navy and is still a member of the Navy Reserves, is suing the Navy because it does […]

Video: Protesters sing ‘deck the halls with rows of dead cops’ as tempers RAGE at road block

The scene has been repeated around the country: Anti-cop protesters block traffic and become a menace to increasingly angry drivers. It’s a recipe for disaster. When you […]

Rick Scott w Jeb Bush
Florida Five: Political winners and losers of the year, Shots fired at sheriff’s deputies

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Winner and loser of the year in Fla politics – We received a lot of strong nominations for […]