Haters attack New Jersey business over pro-cop sign; supporters flock

A New Jersey restaurant has come under fire from the anti-cop crowd for a sign it posted in support of law enforcement.

Rivoli’s Italian & Seafood Restaurant in Toms River wrote the message, “I can breathe. I obey the law,” on an exterior electronic display last week in reference to the recent case of Eric Garner who died after a scuffle with New York City police officers.

In response to the Garner case, tens of thousands took to the streets to protest the grand jury’s decision to not indict the officers involved in the case chanting the slogan “I can’t breathe,” purported to be Garner’s last words.

Photo credit the Shore News Network.

Some of the restaurant’s criticism came from police hate group “Cop Block” on Facebook.

“When a man says ‘I OBEY LAWS’ all I see is the ‘I OBEY’ part,” one post read. “What kind of man could happily, publicly state that he is always obedient to his masters and still call himself a man?”

Another man posted on the company Facebook page “u support murderous cops? or only when they kill blacks?”

The hatred was far outweighed by the support the restaurant received on its Facebook page.

“We support your “I can Breathe” sign.. Stand strong, you don’t need the “trash’s” support !!” one commenter wrote.

“If I lived anywhere near NJ. I would eat at your establishment. Love the sign,” wrote another.

“Thank you for supporting our brave officers!” a woman posted. “The Majority of our country stands with you! Stand strong! The haters don’t matter!”

“If I lived or was visiting nearby I would come to your restaurant just because of the sign!” another woman wrote.

Carmine Sabia


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