Family of 5 thanking God; canceled tickets DAY BEFORE flight on missing airliner

A family that had planned to be on the missing AirAsia flight that disappeared over the Pacific on Sunday was thanking God on Monday that they canceled their trip at the last minute.

indonesianfamily1229newChandra Susanto, from the Indonesian city of Surabaya, told the Daily Mail Australia that he was scheduled to fly aboard Flight QZ8501 to Singapore to visit his father but changed plans because his father was ill.

But for that illness, Susanto, his wife and three children would have been on board the plane.

Susanto wasn’t the only lucky one. Besides Susanto and his family, there were 18 other “no shows” for the flight, the Daily Mail reported.

Susanto told the Daily Mail he didn’t know about the plane’s disappearance until his sister called, worried she might have seen the last of his family.

“She was so scared. She had seen the news on TV,” Susanto said.

Susanto said he was grateful for his family’s escape, but pitied those who were on board – and their families.

“I am very thankful to God for his mercy for me and my family. But I am so sad and very sorry for the people on the plane,” he said.

“They were just traveling to Singapore, maybe with their family, maybe for a holiday. And now they are lost.”



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