Best news bloopers of 2014

People wait all year to see this blooper reel. This year didn’t disappoint. Enjoy:

US flag doormats trending in Russia; heck of a job on that reset button, Hillary

So, how’d that Russian reset thing work out? A major Russian shopping mall near the center of Moscow,  Electronics on Presne, has a new décor aimed at showing […]

McDonald’s patrons think they’re WWE fighters and start throwing chairs

Mc Donald’s isn’t known for being a beacon of civilization, but this ridiculous chair fight – hilariously overlaid by WWE commentary – takes things to a new […]

Pacers fan takes a big whiff of Lavoy Allen’s jersey

Some opportunities don’t come around often. So, when this Pacers’ fan had the chance to get a really good sniff of Lavoy Allen’s jersey, he seized the […]

Angry bull gores female bullfighter – twice!

Ouch! Lady bullfighter Karla de los Angeles was gored not once, but twice when she faced off against a half-ton bull in Mexico City. When the 25-year-old de […]

Feisty senior citizens team up to tackle purse snatcher, hold him for cops

Three senior citizens proved age was no obstacle when it comes to fighting crime last week when they tackled a purse snatcher in a parking lot and […]

Obama forces soldiers to relocate 24-hrs before dream wedding so he can GOLF!

Two Army captains who’d planned a wedding on a Hawaiian golf course found themselves forced to change plans only a day before the ceremony this weekend because […]

de Blasio
De Blasio booed, heckled, called a ‘traitor’ at NYPD cadet graduation

There appears to be no hope to mend the rift between the New York City police and the city’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. The mayor was greeted […]

ABC recaps Hillary Clinton’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year!

ABC’s Jon Karl unveiled his postmortem of Hillary Clinton’s political activities in 2014, claiming the year “didn’t go exactly as planned” for the former Secretary of State. […]

Asked how he’ll warm up things with Congress, Obama issues veto threat

The softball question from a sympathetic interviewer was a fine opening for President Obama to start making nice with the new Republican Congress he’ll face in January. […]

Haters attack New Jersey business over pro-cop sign; supporters flock

A New Jersey restaurant has come under fire from the anti-cop crowd for a sign it posted in support of law enforcement. Rivoli’s Italian & Seafood Restaurant […]

Aries Woodfin
Video: Man arrested following Facebook threats to ‘kill police and innocent white kids’

Police have arrested a man for threatening to “kill cops and innocent white kids” on his Facebook page. Aries Woodfin, 33, of Illinois was apprehended Friday after […]