Tense video: Concealed-carry permit — and a handgun — helps man save woman from beating; perp arrested

If you were on the way to the movies and you approached a car where you saw a man abusing a woman what would you do? Thanks to his concealed-carry permit, this good Samaritan was in a position to intervene.

Photo Credit / KTVT-TV
Photo Credit / KTVT-TV

A civilian with a gun and a permit to carry it saw a woman being brutally beaten in a car by a man, so he forced the attacker out of the car at gunpoint, holding him until law enforcement arrived.

Lindsey Bryant, who was driving with her sister, witnessed the incident and called 911. “We expected crowds and long return lines, but we never expected to see that.” Bryant said.

Seconds after  Bryant dialed 911, police rolled up on the scene. Investigators sorted out the situation and determined the man with the gun was actually trying to help.

The man who was beating the woman, 28-year-old MacMichael Nwaiwu, was arrested at the scene.

Image source: KTVT-TV
Image source: KTVT-TV

Chief Steve Mylett with the Southlake Police Department released a statement, writing in part:

“While we commend this citizen’s willingness to get involved in order to protect a victim of a crime, the Southlake Police Department does not encourage the public to expose themselves in such a manner.”

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office does not believe the man with a gun broke any state laws.

“We need more people like that,” Bryant said.


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