‘Sea Of Blue’ rally-for-cops organizers pushing for larger, national movement

Sometimes you only need a few to get the ball rolling.

On Saturday, the Public Square in Cleveland was a “Sea of Blue” as thousands stood united in support of all who wear a badge and of all who protect and serve. The peaceful rally was organized in response to recent anti-police protests led by demonstrators angered by the killings of young black men by white officers — as well as separate demonstrations for officers killed in the line of duty.

Thousands were present, and in a sharp difference from other protests around the country, there were no slogans or chants. The silent majority came out in force and showed they cared.

“This needed to happen and I’m so glad it happened in Cleveland, I hope tomorrow it happens in New Orleans or Atlanta,” said supporter Angela DidDomenico, according to WKYC.com

Another organizer, Mary Jo Graves, told WKYC.com, “I already got an inquiry from a dispatcher in Tennessee who wants to do the same thing in Tennessee.”

Sea of Blue Organized
Photo Credit / Sea of Blue facebook page

According to the group’s Facebook page, they raised more than $20,000 from selling those “Sea of Blue” T-shirts and hoodies.

Sea of Blue3
Photo Credit / Sea of Blue facebook page

It is sad that we need a demonstration in support of our police, but I’m glad it is being done.


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