Turnpike worker’s message written on toll ticket shocks driver

A Massachusetts toll worker gave one motorist more than the usual turnpike toll ticket. This one came with a message many would find offensive.

After driver Mike Murtha went through the Mass Pike toll booth recently, he instinctively checked his ticket and saw a handwritten note that said, “#Icantbreathe” and “[expletive] the law,” according to local ABC affiliate, WCVB-TV.

Photo Credit / Video Screenshot WCVB

Murtha gave the ticket to state transportation officials after exiting the turnpike. The offending toll collector was later questioned, WCVB reported.

“I don’t like to involve myself in this kind of stuff,” Murtha told WCVB. “Based on the recent New York City shooting and the pain it has caused, especially around the holiday season, you wouldn’t expect this — especially on a government-issued ticket.”

The toll worker told Massachusetts transportation officials that the ticket was distributed by mistake, and there were no others like it. He acknowledged writing the message but said he didn’t mean to give it away.

Murtha said he hopes the toll taker doesn’t get fired for his mistake.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and unfortunately, he had a lapse in judgment,” he said.

The toll worker has been suspended without pay according to transportation officials. The incident will be received more in detail to determine more disciplinary action should follow.

The turnpike employee has since been suspended without pay, transportation officials told WCVB, adding that the incident will be reviewed further to determine if the worker should face more disciplinary action.


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