Lucky shot! Guy mistakenly shoots his wife on Christmas; doctor says accident saved her life

Sometimes, even shooting your wife Dick Cheney-style can turn out for the best.

That’s what one Ohio family discovered last weekend, when 77-year-old hunter Boyd Ross picked up his shotgun to see if it was loaded, and accidentally shot his wife, according to the Akron-area newspaper, The Medina Gazette.

When the Stevens Model 320 12-gauge accidentally went off, it fired No. 8 birdshot through the closet wall and into the back of the recliner that Charlene Ross was sitting in. The Rosses’ son, Steve Ross, said he couldn’t be happier, because the mishap eventually led to a lifesaving discovery.

Steve Ross
Steve Ross holds a “birdshot” pellet. Photo credit David Knox / Medina Gazette.

“There is no question that this has been a blessing on two fronts,” Steve Ross told the Gazette. “One is that only one pellet nicked her out of the shotgun blast, and the second is she was able to be checked out and found that there are underlying problems that we can now address.”

The doctors treating Charlene Ross discovered an undiagnosed heart arrhythmia.

“Had this accident not happened, my mom could have been gone at any time,” Steve Ross said. “You hate to use clichés, but this is a Christmas miracle.”

Ross’ mom hadn’t been to a doctor in years, but she had been feeling ill recently, he said.

“My father had said she hasn’t been feeling well, and it turns out that she has been having arrhythmia attacks,” he told the Gazette.

And the pellet didn’t do much damage, either.

“The detective found the vast majority of the pellets still inside the chair,” he said. “Only one pellet made through the chair.”

Ross said he’s thankful that everything worked out the way it did.

“It’s just one of those things where God says, ‘I am going to get you into the hospital one way or the other, and shooting you might be the way to do it,’” he said.

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