Chick-Fil-A co-workers make homeless single mom sob with joy over gift

Chick-Fil-A co-workers exemplified the spirit of giving this holiday season by helping one of their own.

Sheree Carter, 37, who was homeless when she started working at the restaurant in Raleigh, N.C., on Oct. 1, finally moved into her own apartment last week, and her co-workers wanted to make this Christmas extra-special for her and her family, ABC 11 reported.

Carter lost both her parents and her children’s father, leaving her destitute and living in shelters with her kids, Twyla, 9, and Cortez, 15.

“It wasn’t easy, but I made it a good situation for them by showing them love,” she told ABC 11.

When the Fayetteville Street Chick-fil-A’s owner, Darrena McCulloh, heard Carter’s harrowing tale, she wanted to help.

“Just hearing her story and how hard she’s worked to provide for her family, we knew it would be the right integrity and ethics that we were looking for to join our team,” McCulloh said.

When Carter moved into the apartment, McCulloh and her employees bought the family furniture, dishes and Christmas presents.

Carter told ABC 11 about the generosity as way to say thanks.

“I’m just overwhelmed with everything, basically, and this is my only way that I could think of thanking them,” she told the station.

ABC 11 asked Carter what she was looking forward to the most.

“Seeing my kids’ faces, how happy they are,” she said. “And actually being able to have our first official Christmas here and [not having] to worry about where we’re going to stay the next day.”

Carter’s co-workers weren’t done surprising her, though.

They presented her with an envelope full of cash donated by restaurant employees and through fundraising events at McCulloh’s church.

“She has a need for a washer and dryer,” McColloh said. “So we’ve saved up some extra cash. We wanted to make sure we could give that to you today.”

Carter burst into tears and hugged McCulloh, thanking her.

“We love you,” McCulloh said.

What a touching way to show it.

Carmine Sabia


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