Sheriff Clarke’s on fire about Obama, Holder, Dems causing cop hatred : ‘I’ll make them own this’

This is what determination looks like.

The president had flown to Hawaii and official Washington was on a holiday break, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke spent a busy Christmas week using his Twitter account to challenge President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and the liberal establishment for the ongoing rhetoric against the country’s police officers.

Clarke’s Twitter posts kicked off in earnest Tuesday with a comment about a Tennessee man being questioned about online threats he’d make against the NYPD in the wake of unrest in the Big Apple. Clarke left no question about who is responsible for the current atmosphere of antagonism between police and those who blame them for the troubles of the black community.

But he directed his fire even wider — at the whole contemporary liberal system of government that fosters dependency in the same communities it pretends to be helping.

Clarke wasn’t done.

On Christmas Eve he was still at it, eviscerating protesters trying to equate the thug “martyrs” of the current mood of unrest with the great moments of the civil rights movement of the past.

And he blasted anew the official liberal line that these pretests are all the cops’ fault.

On Christmas Day, responding to yet another New York Times story that tried to highlight yet another manufactured fault line among Republicans over “law and order” issues, Clarke used Twitter to attack politicians who pander to the allegedly aggrieved by making excuses for illegal conduct.

Clarke rounded things out with a CNN interview Friday that again called out Obama, Holder and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for their shameful part in promoting spurious anti-police protests.

The responses were plentiful — the hatred Clarke takes from a left that despises a black man with the self-respect to disagree with the Democrat-progressive worldview borders on astonishing. What white conservative has ever been called a “disgrace to his race”? Without getting too far into the muck of the liberal mindset, this one is a good example.

But the encouragement of supporters was sincere.

It’s a good bet he will — even on Christmas.


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