Sheriff Clarke blasts Obama for skipping slain cops’ funerals for mai tais

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke turned the tables on the anti-cop rhetoric poisoning the country when he declared in a CNN interview Friday that the protesters have it all wrong.

Playinging off the demonstrators’ “black lives matter” sloganeering, Clarke put it plainly:

“The only people who really believe that statement are police officers,” he said.

Cops – white and black — are the ones who go into black neighborhoods to stop black killers and save black lives, Clarke said.

As he has in previous interviews, Clarke had harsh words for President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. All three men, he said, have inflamed the current situation with their anti-police rhetoric.

And Obama’s decision to skip the funerals of two New York police officers who were murdered last week isn’t helping, Clarke said. Vice President Joe Biden will be a stand-in for the president, who is too busy enjoying the sun-kissed sands of Hawaii to worry about things like cop funerals.

“I think they’re offering up the jayvee team,” Clarke said.


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