Package thief caught in the act; cops nail her via social media

The Stockton police caught a holiday package thief Sunday and cops gave all the credit to social media.

A home security camera captured this California woman swiping a package off of someone’s front porch and running into a getaway truck, according to the LA Times.

Kimberly Bird, 27, was arrested for the Dec. 11 crime after Stockton police posted the video on social media and were tipped off by a viewer.

Officer Joseph Silva said that Bird had a misdemeanor warrant for commercial burglary and petty theft and a felony warrant for possession of narcotics, burglary and forgery when she was booked, the Times reported.

“Social media is a great investigative tool for law enforcement,” Silva said. “You’d be amazed the type of response we get from some of our tipsters when we release a video.”

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