Tree farms, volunteers and FedEx team up to bring Christmas trees home for the holidays

Thousands of American military families are celebrating Christmas with a tree in their home this Christmas thanks to the work of volunteers and the FedEx corporation.

The Trees for Troops programs has provided more than 139,000 free Christmas trees to members of all branches of the military since 2005, according to a Fox News report. 

The programs helps troops stationed abroad as well as families at home. This year, about 200 trees have been shipped to military bases in Afghanistan and Guam.

“It’s a program we have been involved with [with] the Christmas Spirit Foundation and tree farmers all across North America. Each year we’ve delivered approximately 17,000 trees to military bases across the U.S. — and including several hundred trees to bases around the world,” said Paula Bosler, who is helping to coordinate FedEx’s logistical operation for the program.

One of those soldiers who benefited was Army Sgt. Mark Schaefer, whose family has received trees for several years. This year, his wife, Amy, asked the program to include Mark during his deployment to Afghanistan over the holidays.

“Even those who are deployed abroad, gives you a little bit of the Christmas spirit there too, even though you are away from home, missing your family, you know somebody is thinking about you,” Amy Schaefer told Fox.

Christmas might be a once-a-year event, but the Trees for Troops programs requires year-round attention. For information about the Trees for Troops program 2015, visit



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