Protest breaks out after fatal police shooting near Ferguson; teen pulled gun on a cop, police say

An officer with the Berkeley, Mo., Police Department shot and killed an armed, black teenager in apparent self-defense Tuesday night, according to St. Louis County police spokesman Brian Schellman.

Making matters more tense, Berkeley is close to Ferguson where black teen Michael Brown was shot during an altercation with former Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

The teen involved in Tuesday’s shooting was identified by his mother, Toni Martin, as Antonio Martin, 18.

According to the officer’s report, the incident occurred during a routine check at a Mobil gas station.

When the officer approached the vehicle, Martin pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officer. That’s when the policeman fired at the teen several times, killing him.

A second man who was with the teen ran from the scene.

Martin was on his way to see his girlfriend, his mother told KMOV.

She said her son had been expelled from school but was working on getting his life back together and she was encouraging him to join Job Corps, KMOV reported.

His father, Jerome Green, also spoke with KMOV.

“He was supposed to come home,” he said. “We’re getting ready for holiday. Everyone wanted to see him. My grandmother hadn’t seen him for a while.”

Protesters began demonstrating shortly after the shooting Tuesday, with at least one scuffle breaking out.

“At one point, an explosive device, like a large firecracker or firework, was thrown into the middle of the fight and exploded. That kind of scattered a lot of people,” photographer Dave Carson told CNN.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


161 thoughts on “Protest breaks out after fatal police shooting near Ferguson; teen pulled gun on a cop, police say

  1. Arden Hale says:

    There were cameras on site this time. Wait for the video evidence.

  2. LittleRoot_48 says:

    Another “brainy” black youth who SHOULD have known better than to point a gun at a police officer, ESPECIALLY after two officers were “executed by a black thug earlier this week. Anyone with HALF a brain would have know that wasn’t a smart idea. For the record, I am not at all surprised that he had been expelled from school.

  3. rfrichey says:

    The press uses the word teenager to make it sound like a middle school kid. They harp on the word teenager. I graduated from high school at 17, worked for a year then joined the Army as all boys, unless in college were going to be drafted before he was out of his teen years. Now there’s a novel thought, draft teenagers unless their in school.

  4. Mary Campbell says:

    They had a TV program back in the 60’s called, “Have gun, Will Travel.” The new TV show now is, “Have gun, point gun at cop, Will Die.”

  5. Chad3434 says:

    Blacks have two choices. One clean up your house or two catch a bullet. It will end in no other way. Sorry to say but true. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama can scream to the high heavens but no amount of screaming will keep a cop from defending him self.

  6. hatineveryone says:

    anyone notice the hood rats causing the problems are the idiots screaming and complaining the most?

  7. Grant Ritchie says:

    Another innocent black child (IBC) assassinated by a murderous, thug cop. How dare that racist cop not allow the IBC to get off at least one round to make SURE his gun was real? Black lives matter. I guess cop’s lives don’t.

  8. Sammirah Meowski says:

    They are always about to get their life on track. I bet he has been in the back of a cop car before.

    1. BlacksAreAnimals says:

      thats a contradiction. if they are about to get their life back on track chances are they have been. but being black and a mother like that is there any doubt ?

  9. higgy01 says:

    All the blood shed and turmoil in Missouri can be placed squarely on the shoulders’ of three people, Obama, Holder and especially Sharpton. Add de Blasio to the list and you have the reason for the New York riots. There is no such thing as a peaceful protest when the unruly mob blocks traffic and infringes on the rights of American citizens.

    1. BlacksAreAnimals says:

      u can blame anyone you want. but black animals will always be black animals. the ones that imitate human lifestyles are domesticated blacks who have been allowed to live along side humans. even the blacks understand this and they call them uncle toms. these animals are so wired to be black that they call ea other the racist word they hate so much cuz deep down they know it to be true that thats hat they really are. but they think replacing an e to an a that it will change it. but hey tomato tomatto right

  10. Sally Waters says:

    Good grief! Whst do they expect to happen when someone points a gun at a cop?!?

    1. BlacksAreAnimals says:

      they expect u to let them shoot you or it’s racist.don’t you know black logic?

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