Hey, jerk, get a life! Catty ‘political reporter’ can’t stop carping about Sarah Palin’s clothes

Liberals never miss an opportunity to take a swipe at Sarah Palin, no matter how ridiculous the slight may be.

This time, the gratuitous attack came from the New York Daily News’ Adam Edelman, who wrote a story Tuesday ridiculing a video Palin produced to promote her book, “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

In the video, Palin made a blueberry pie, but Edelman skipped any review of the former vice presidential nominee’s baking skills and instead poked fun at her attire.

“In the episode, Palin demonstrates how to make her favorite iteration of blueberry pie,” he wrote. “But as she delicately kneads the dough, her sweater falls down to her arms, revealing a whole lot of sun-kissed Alaskan skin and a sexy black undergarment.”

Edelman may fancy himself a fashionista, but he missed some obvious points.

The shoulders of Palin’s sweater were cut out by design, and women traditionally wear such sweaters with a tank top, just as Palin appeared to do in the video.

The video also went through an editing process. It was not a live demonstration. Does Edelman really believe Palin and her editors missed a wardrobe malfunction?

This isn’t the first time Edelman played fashion police with Palin.

He wrote a Sept. 16 article slamming Palin’s choice of dress during her first public appearance after members of her family were involved in a brawl.

“The unflattering photograph taken during her outing shows the former governor sporting boots and loose-fitting clothes and appearing pale and exhausted,” he wrote.

Edelman’s author page describes him as a political reporter for the Daily News, not a style and fashion critic.

It’s kind of hard to tell.

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Carmine Sabia


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