Fox News’ Eric Bolling demolishes ‘social commentator’ who accuses Fox of racism: It only took one word

Fox News host Eric Bolling was filling in for Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night when he used a one-word question to upend the entire “racism” mantra being used by contemporary libs to demean American life.

Bolling’s guest was decidedly lefty “social commentator” Jasmyne Cannick (does anyone tell their parents they want to be a “social commentator when they grow up?), who when she isn’t help run the state of California into ruin by consulting with Democrat candidates apparently makes a living accusing American institutions of perpetuating racism.

And that’s just what she tried here, except Bolling nailed the argument with just one question: How?

Watchers will note Cannick never answers the question. And except for a condescending “you-know-what-I’m-talking-about” dismissal, never even pretends to try.

It’s enough, apparently, for “social commentators” to fling the accusation. They never have to have a reason for doing it.



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