ESPN writer’s common-sense response to cop shooting blisters the blame-cops-first crowd

Jason Whitlock
Photo credit New York Daily News.

For some people, using common sense and facts is not an option.

Sports writer and ESPN commentator Jason Whitlock found that out Wednesday — if he didn’t already know it — when he sent out a Tweet essentially telling people to use common sense and not put Tuesday night’s shooting of a Missouri man who was pointing a gun at a police officer in the same category as recent controversial police killings.

Antonio Martin, 18, was shot and killed by a Berkeley, Mo., police officer Tuesday during a routine check at a Mobil gas station that turned violent.

Video footage released following the incident shows the teen raise his hand and point toward the officer.

Officials say he was pointing a gun at the cop, which was found at the scene.

All of those facts don’t matter to those who decided long ago that any time a police officer shoots a black person it is automatically racist and unjustified.

In a Twitter post, Whitlock tried to set them straight.

The responses he got from people who seem to have abandoned any sense of reason long ago bordered on comical.

Yes. Shooting second is extremely effective — particularly if you’re wounded.

Yeah, except the video was released BEFORE this Tweet and showed Martin pointing the gun.

I think he meant ASSESS a threat — and having a gun pointed at you doesn’t take much assessment.

Then there’s this genius.

Jason Whitlock may have just saved a (white) life.

Carmine Sabia


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